First truth i want to let you know is about JFK murder:who was behind his murder and what the lies that the media said to you.I will tell you the things as they are in the C.I.A archives,without any personal comment,because i think just in this way you can have the truth based on the reality of the facts,like anyone else of the C.I.A never told you.Keep in your mind that what i`m going to tell you is based on C.I.A. files of the time.

Six months before JFK assasination,we can see in the C.I.A. files various threats to his life by differents people that hated him,but at the same time it emerges thatsome of this people belong or have contact with the C.I.A.But just in june 1963 we can find files about the secret organization of the Banks,who was behind the Federal Reserve.These people want him dead for his new EXECUTIVE ORDER No.11110 done in june 4 1963 that gave back to the U.S. governement the power to issue currency without going to the federal reserve controlled and ruled at the time by very wealthy and powerful people.We can find traces of contact between this not recognized but secret organism of bankers that demand the murder of JFK to the C.I.A.

That show us how powerful and well committed to the C.I.A  was this organization of  banker in charge of the federal reserve.

But most of all we can find files how the C.I.A  found the way build a disinformation around the murder of JFK and it did very well because till today the C.I.A. it has hidden the true cause of his assasination.First of all tha C.I.A.made american people think that was an assasination due to the cold war withU.S.S.R . or due to the Italian mafia.After always the C.I.A. pay someone to say that was murdered by anti-Castro militants.But to make sure that some uncontrollable witness wouldn`t speak in future the C.I.A. order the murder of all the possible witnesses and anyone who knew the truth.

But why the U.S. federal reserve wanted him dead?

As you should know,the Federal Reserve of New York is that private agency,composed and controlled mostly by the Rothschild,Morgan banks etc…,and that`s the agency produce the currency of the U.S.A.  and it motgages  this currency to the U.S. government,creating in this way public debt and an endless interest that the american citizen has to pay to the FEDERAL RESERVE.

JFK wanted to end the public debt with his emendment of executive order No.10289.

JFK order gave to the treasury the power to issue silver certificates against any silver dollar in the treasury.It meant that for every ounce of silver in the U.S. Treasury Quarter,the government was able to issue money in circulation.

In Kennedy time as been issued nearly $4.3 billion notes,brought in circulation.

What emerges is that the U.S. treasure could put out of business the NY Federal Reserve because the treasure notes value was backed by silver while the Federal Reserve notes were backed by nothing at all.

What emerge in the file is that after his emendment the C.I.A. has a plan to reduce his protection and put in charge in the Whitehouse the vice-president Johnson controlled by the Federal Reserve.The first job given to Johnson was to take out of circulation the silver certificate issued by JFK order 11110,and since then no one president was allowed to use his emendment by the intelligence services.

What you don`t know is that at the time the KGB knew the truth about JFK murder,and when the soviet union collapsed was ordered to the stil existing KGB to eliminate any file about JFK murder and replaced by false documents.

Till now the C.IA. has brought in circulation thousand of false files.


It`s been a long long career,but the first day looks like was yesterday.It was the beginning,the early years of the AGENCY and we were learning our job,but the agency plans till the end of century were very clear:making the U.S.A.  the first and most powerful country in the world with legal or illegal ways.But i must say that the illegal way has been used more often than the other.